portable heated seat cushion

Each Bench Blaze includes:

Sleeve with Far Infrared Heating Technology and Seat Cushion


Battery Wall Charger

Remote Battery Fob

Bench Blaze rechargeable battery
What is Bench Blaze?

What is Bench Blaze?

Bench Blaze (TM) is the perfect solution for staying warm and cozy, no matter where you go.

The Bench Blaze is a battery-powered and fully portable cushioned heated pad.  Enjoy the lightweight, easy to use heated seat no matter where life takes you. 

Use the Bench Blaze at sporting events, outdoors, at home, in the car, and virtually anywhere, all without the need for wall outlets, tangled cords, or plugs of any sort. 

Bench Blaze provides several hours of warmth on a single charge, and you can adjust the heat level to your liking with a wireless remote.  

Portable Battery Operated Seat